CNA Certified Nursing Assistant – 2 Weeks

Hazy Institute of Learning is  approved by the State of Michigan in this 75 hour program. Certified Nursing Assistant Training teaches skills and theory that focus on the six principles of care and will enable participants to provide quality care for resident in long term care facilities and in their homes. Skills taught range from taking blood pressure pulse rate, temperature and respiration, personal care and grooming to communication skills.

Students will be taught by seasoned state certified instructors in the Class, Lab, and in Clinical settings. Our students are given individual attention as necessary to help them achieve their goals. Our CNA training program fulfills the State of Michigan requirements. We, Hazy Institute of Learning, are committed to help you achieve this program when you commit to learn.

CNA Training Program-  500.00

Payment plans Available! Tuition Includes:
* Laboratory sessions
* Clinical instructions and rotations
* State certification exam preparation
* Books

Upcoming CNA Classes (8am – 3:30pm): July 21st 2014 and August 4th 2014.  First Come, First Served basis!

Registration starts Now!

Requirements for the CNA Class: A deposit of  $300.00 of the total cost is required to reserve your seat for CNA Classes. Prospective students must be able to pass a Federal Criminal Background Check, Minimum 6th Grade Reading Comprehension. Diploma /GED may not be required and a PPD TB Skin Test or Chest X-Ray. Must be 17 years old/senior in high school, or older. All students must wear School approved uniform. Bring notepads and pencil/pen for your jottings; positive attitude conducive to learning and achieving. The class includes lectures, video presentations, quizzes, oral/written, hands-on skills, demonstrations and practices. There will be opportunities to ask questions. The class is intensive but there will be break periods in between.

Upon Successful completion of CNA Training, participants receive the Hazy Institute completion certificate, and will be eligible to take the Michigan Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation for State Certification. Successful students, upon  completion of the CNA training will be responsible to pay 176.50 for their State of Michigan Certified Nursing Assistant Examination.

Classes are offered in a quiet, private, easily accessible location in the City of Oak Park, outskirt of Detroit, Michigan. (Between 8Mile and 9 Mile Road on Greenfield Road)