Hazy Institute is a State of Michigan Certified Nursing Assistant School. For over 10 years we have been providing a variety of ongoing skill training, continuing education choices and professional development options for clinical and non-clinical staff from all over the country.

Our courses prepare you for essential careers in today’s healthcare industry. Our programs are accelerated, meaning less time training while still able to learn all the necessary information needed to succeed.

21700 Greenfield Rd, Oak Park, MI 48237. Suite #264.

Our Mission

Our mission is providing quality education to a diverse community of students from various backgrounds, race and culture. Our competent, compassionate, and caring instructors are committed to assisting students in achieving their highest potentials.

Our Commitment

No person shall be deprived of acceptance to train due to his/her physical or mental handicap as described in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, except where an individual’s safety will, in the opinion of Hazy Institute be affected by participating in any of our courses.

Get Trained, Certified & Hired as a C.N.A In Just 2 Weeks!

Just bring your Social Security Card, State ID and a minimum deposit of $300 to get your career started today. 


"I loved how detailed and thorough the instructor was. She pushed us hard and made sure we got everything right." Amela K. 8.1.14  

"I love the hands-on training and the fact that mrs chi chi doesn't half do anything, she shows you step by step and covers all bases." Shonte L. 5.30.14

"Mrs chi chi NEVER gave up on me." Wynter S. 4.18.14

"I appreciate the level of professionalism my instructor showed every day of class. It feels as though she wanted to do more than teach. She wanted us to fully understand." Sega B. 11.9.12

"I appreciated the sternness of the instructor. Very professional down to business. This course was very informational and well thought." Dana S. 4.12.13

"I like how we each had individual help. Learning one on one helps me comprehend better." Alexandra D. 9.13.13